Empowerment to build your Empire

This is a life coaching series that addresses these areas: Leadership, building confidence, becoming a top performer (productivity), managing chaos and being emotionally intelligent.

At the end of the program, participants would have learnt what it takes to become a dynamic leader, communicate better, become more confident, be a top producer, manage disruptions and life chaos, and develop their EI quotient.


How come these six areas? From our study of 100 successful professionals, innovators and entrepreneurs, those are the key areas that added most value to their growth and contributed to their success

Duration: On-going

Coaching Method: online

Commitment: 2 - 5 hours weekly (for all sessions: knowledge, practical and one-on-one coaching)

One-on -one session: On your registration confirmation, you will be given one-hour slot to connect with a life coach each week during the duration of the program. This will be based-off your schedule as confirmed during your registration. This session will be through phone, Skype, WhatsApp or FaceTime

Materials: All information will be delivered to you by links, email, videos, podcast and/or social media

Slot: VERY Limited slot. Register on time

What happens if I miss a session? If you miss or skip a session without prior written notice sent to info@ableloft.com, you will be excused from the program

Who is eligible for this program? Anyone who wants to advance in their personal and professional journey. It is opened for anyone anywhere from age 16 above.

Venue: Online delivery

Recommendations: You may recommend this program to your organization, institution, team, crew or group. Send request to info@ableloft.com for group EMPIRE LIFE session